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  • I am a small start up and want to begin my social media presence. What will it take?
    India has an average of 0000 new start-ups every year. So congratulations. You are not alone. We absolutely understand your concern hence advise that you think about the following aspects in advance : -What is your product like? Eg. Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Jewellery etc. -What is your business model? Eg. Manufacturing, service provider, trader etc. -Who are your target Audience? Eg. B2B, B2C - Working professionals, Millennial, Housewives, Business Owners, Kids, Senior Citizens, Domestic, International etc. -What platform you want to showcase your film / content? Eg. Emails, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Youtube, Facebook, Website, Instagram etc. For how long you want to use the content? Eg. Few days, weeks, months, years, periodic etc. Once you have thought these through you can get in touch with us and we will help you create a social media structure which will be easy on your pocket and effective in the long run.
  • We are a very small company with a limited budget. Do you offer any video formats?
    Small start-ups and entrepreneur have the same question. We listen to your ideas and the projections you have in your mind, and after detailed discussion we suggest perfect treatment for your video.
  • In digital times the most effective marketing tool is videos. There are numerous benefits of making a marketing video
    Enhanced Audience Connection: Videos connect more effectively with your audience. Improved SEO Performance: Videos can increase your website's SEO performance. High Shareability: Videos are highly shareable, enhancing their reach. Enhanced Trust: Videos can raise trust in your brand or message. Effective Messaging: Video provides a simple yet effective way to convey your message. Increased Conversions: Videos can drive conversions effectively. Heightened Brand Awareness: Using video can raise awareness of your brand.
  • What is the whole process like?
    When it comes to producing Videos, there are 3 major sub parts: 1. Script Writing 2. Video Creation 3. Professional Project Management
  • What is the payment method?
    We at RedRagaa did not find 50% advance and 50% later payment terms relevant. So, in order to make this easier for Startups and SMEs, we have adopted Milestone based payment terms. 10% (refundable) - to kick off the project 30% - after storyboard approval 30% - after the first draft 30% - after final video approval
  • What are the different types of films/video formats?
    The video format for any business communication depends on the nature of information that is required to be conveyed. Some of the commonly used formats are - Company Profile Video - An overview of your company, infrastructure, and offerings. A quick version of your website Product Videos - For any new product or service Explainer Videos - Great videos to explain a certain business model or product works. Demo Videos. Event Videos - Business events crunched in a couple of minutes with key highlights. 2d Animation - Very effective in using creative storytelling to explain a difficult concept. Also an easy option when there is no possibility for shoot or flow charts. 3d Animation - Also used for Real Estate projects under construction. Promotion Videos - Short marketing videos before a product or business launch. Documentary - When you want to capture a research based subject. Ad Films - Digital and TV Commercials. For B2C markets. Short Films - A creative story telling method to convey a company's values and mission.
  • Can you give an idea about pricing?
    9 out of 10 prospective clients ask us this question, therefore we decided to create this video pricing guide to decode the video production services pricing. The idea is to make it easier for Organizations to figure out the right marketing video production cost and devise their video marketing strategy accordingly. Live video production cost depends on following elements Duration: Cost of video production is directly proportional to duration. More the duration – More the price Script/ Concept: Price for this is subjective and depends on creativity/ storytelling of video creator Voice Over: Generally, VO price are per minute based and could vary based on quality and voice of Voice over artist Quality – Amount of customization of Animation/ Graphics In digital times when the consumer attention span is shrinking by the day, consistent communication is equally important to effective communication. A lot of companies will therefore require multiple short budget videos to be made hence we have introduced the following structure : 2 to 3 Videos – 5% additional discount 4 to 7 Videos – 10% additional discount 8 to 15 Videos – 15% additional discount 15+ Videos – 20% additional discount
  • How do i choose what is best for my requirements?
    As a Corporate Film Production Company we get asked this question multiple ways from almost every client. Every business needs visual communication in today's times. While you are the best judge of your needs we can certainly help you identify your core area for visual content at any stage of your business.
  • How long does it take to create a video?
    It depends on the scale and length of the project. Typically a standard script of 3 minutes would take around 3 weeks
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